Anytime Secure

We hold all types of meetings - be it One-On-One, Group Conference, or Saminars.

Anyitme Secure

it's all about

  • The security solution for your company
  • Secured meetings
  • Access control
  • In office tracking
  • Egress auditing
  • Plan and secure your meetings
  • Schedule using location hub
  • Invite internal and external participants
  • Send meeting info and agenda to invitees
  • Near meeting time, get alerts of attendee arrivals
  • And see who has checked in
  • Automatically register attendee arrival
  • And know when they leave your building
  • Add follow up tasks and notes from meeting
  • And schedule follow up meetings if needed.
  • Access attendee invite credentials through issued QR code invite
  • Get real time status updates of attendees’ whereabouts while on your company’s property